Limit Moisture™

TranSorb Humidity Absorber- Commercial Humidifier Desiccant Packs


Preserves, Prolongs & Protects Quality

Humidity is one of the top air quality offenders and attacks product quality. Unregulated moisture can lead to mold, mildew and corrosive rust all of which can create damages beyond repair. It develops in enclosed environments subject to fluctuations in temperature such as automobiles, boat cabins, RV’s, cargo containers, gear bags, lockers, sheds and warehouse storage.


TranSorb® high-performing Humidity Absorber lowers dew points to create a dryer environment and eliminates moisture related problems that lead to foul odor, corrosion and mold/mildew growth. TranSorb desiccants will also absorb any pre-existing moisture within areas to be treated. Patented technology captures and converts moisture into non-toxic, non-caustic dry crystals that won’t drip or leach. Simply place appropriate number of desiccants in enclosed areas or under car seats and trunks to maintain ideal relative humidity for 90+ days. Eliminates chemicals, fragrances and dangerous VOC’s that attack surfaces.

TranSorb is safe for transportation and can be disposed in household trash. Made in the U.S.A

Encapsulates Over 1lb of Moisture Without Leaching.

Patented sorbent helps maintain ideal relative humidity by automatically removing excess moisture from the air. To increase the duration of days, or to gain absorption volumes, place an equal amount of extra packs in area to be treated! Keep all unused desiccants air tight. TranSorb Desiccant, master case (32ea) 6” x 9” heat-sealed medical grade Tyvek® and film encapsulated pouch.   Only activates when humidity is present.


Cars, Boats, Cabins & Sheds, RV/Campers, Trunks,  Gear Bags, Musical Instrument Cases, Wedding Gowns  And Clothing Storage, Gun Safes/Cabinets, Closets, Photography/Electronics Equipment, Linen/Shoe Storage, Scuba Gear, Laundry/Mud Rooms, Pantry, Warehouse Storage, Packaged Goods, Machinery, Woodworking Tools, Pharmaceuticals, and….

  • Ocean, Truck, Rail and Air shipping Containers
  • Protection of food packages from moisture contamination
  • Protection of goods in warehouse storage
  • Storage Containers


  • Absorbs and retains large quantity of mositure
  • Lowers dew point inside shipping and storage containers
  • Non-Toxic, Chemical-Free, Fragrance-Free
  • Maintains ideal relative humidity up to 90 plus days.
  • Easy-to-Use -Simply place in containers with the number of bags dependent upon container size
  • One Packet treats 36 cubic Feet Area (3’x4’x3′)
  • Encapsulates over 1lbs of Moisture without dripping
  • Durable, heat-sealed Tyvek fabric and film construction

** TranSorb® as seen in Hemmings Motor News & Old Car Weekly!

Sold: Cases of 32, Packages of 4 and Per each. Volume discounts available.