Commercial Humidifier Desiccant Pack

TranSorb® Preserves, Prolongs & Protects Quality

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Commercial Humidifier Desiccant Packs

Preserve Product Integrity from Mold, Mildew and Rust Corrosion



Storage Sheds/Cabins

Musical Instruments






Firearms & Ammunition

Humidity is one of the top air quality offenders and attacks product quality.  Unregulated moisture can lead to mold, mildew and corrosive rust- all of which can create damages beyond repair.  It develops in enclosed environments subjects to fluctuations in temperature.

TranSorb® high performing Humidity Absorber lowers dew points to create a drier environment and eliminates moisture-related problems that lead to degradation of product integrity.  TranSorb® desiccants will also absorb any pre-existing moisture within areas to be treated.

Simply place the appropriate number of desiccants in your given space to maintain ideal relative humidity for 90+days.  Encapsulates over 1lbs of moisture without dripping.  One 6″x 9″ heat-sealed medical grade Tyvek® and film pouch treats 36 cubic feet area (3’x4’x3′).

Commercial Grade Protection that Preserves and Prolongs your VALUABLES: Automobiles, Boats, RV’s/Campers, Cabins/Sheds, Ammo Boxes, Gun Cases/Cabiners, Closets, Collectibles Storage, Hunting Bags, Athletic Gear Bags, Lockers, Storage Containers, Photography/Electronics Equipment, Linen/Shoe Storage, Scuba Gear, Food, Pharmaceuticals, Laundry/Mud Rooms, Pantry, Warehouse Storage, Packaged Goods, Diagnostics’, Machinery, WoodWorking Tools, Musical Instruments.

TranSorb®  -NO DRIPPING! Non-Toxic & Chemical-Free! Made in USA.

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